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Why settle for one bike rental, when you can try the Multibike rental Experience

Our Multi-bike rental package is great for anyone thinking of buying a new bike. Also for someone who just wants to try different makes and styles of bike to compare. Rent a KTM one day and a Triumph the next.

You will need to be based at or near our location in Calpe (Costa Blanca, near Alicante) in order for you to be able to swap bikes. You can either rent our fantastic 2-bedroom bungalow/apartment (see our “Beach-based holidays” for more details) or choose your own accommodation. For longer rentals we will either collect you from the airport, or bring your bikes to the airport for you (and take your luggage to your accommodation).


There are no strict rules as to which bikes you can hire or how long you can have each one. You simply decide which bikes you want to rent, in what order, and how many days you want each one for.  So you could start with rental of a Triumph for a couple of days, after that rent the KTM 790 Adventure for a couple of days, and then maybe try renting the Duke for a bit of scratching on the beautiful Spanish tarmac. It’s entirely up to you!

Our rental bikes include the latest models. They come with a comprehensive inventory and backup service, giving you complete peace of mind.

In conclusion, to book your multi-bike experience, simply choose your dates, choose the bikes you want to rent, choose your accommodation, and leave the rest to us.

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