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Tel (Spain): +34 638 98 54 66


If you want to tour across Spain (or maybe even into Portugal) Motorbike Rental.

We can provide one-way rentals to/from ANY Spanish airport (and also some Portuguese airports).  Pick up up your KTM rental motorcycle in Barcelona and drive it to Malaga, or Granada or any location on the Iberian peninsula.

We will meet you at your arrival airport with the bike (or bikes) on a trailer.  All of our bikes are fully-equipped with touring panniers for you to transfer your belongings to, and we will be happy to take your suitcases and look after them for you while you’re touring.

We will then arrange to meet you at your departure airport at the end of your rental, with your luggage, leaving you free to return home without worrying about having to return the bikes.

Our bikes include the latest models.  Rent from the latest KTM motorcycles and Triumph range.  Most are under 18 months old, and all motorcycle rentals come with a comprehensive inventory and backup service, giving you complete peace of mind.

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